Education & the Arts was conceived by a group of arts industry and business professionals, who experienced firsthand the positive impact the arts had on their own lives or on the growth of young people they cherish.

But they also learned how difficult it is for these programs to gain sufficient financing to launch and to continue operating.

Quality youth arts programs – whether focused on dance or music or sculpture or painting or film or photography – all require funding for instructors, space, equipment, support staff, transportation and supplies. This funding often is not readily available or in sufficient levels, in a timely fashion.

Because of this group’s insights, creativity and gumption, Education & the Arts was formed to provide a resource, a central organization to raise funds easily for short-term projects or ongoing youth arts programs.

As a national nonprofit 501(c)(3), all donations, whether they are checks, credit card payments or arts-related equipment, services or supplies, are eligible to be considered tax deductible for the donating party.

“Our Education & the Arts donor pool is active in their support of local arts projects, projects that are not large enough to hire or identify someone to write and apply for grants or form and operate their own 501(c)(3). Through E&A, programs can design and request funding from our group of donors. Programs can raise funds from their own donor base as well, in a way that is tax deductible for the donor, which often enables donors to be more generous, especially those who have access to corporate philanthropic matching programs,” said Julia Prinzi, Executive Director of Education & the Arts. “Growing up, I was fortunate to have access to many forms of artistic expression through my family and my school. I was able to explore a variety of arts interests, with only my talents to limit me. Sadly, that is not the experience of many in our current socioeconomic climate. Through E&A, we hope to open up involvement in the arts to more and more children across America.”

How to Become an A&E Project

Arts projects seeking funding and wishing to be part of Education & the Arts roster of current projects, may simply fill out an enrollment form to be reviewed by the E&A executive team for approval. Approved projects appear on the current Projects page, making fundraising easy and streamlined. Project participants can promote project goals to their networks using a link to the page and to the Donate page, where interested donors can select that specific project to benefit from their electronic or postal mailed donation.

A&E Leadership

Many of these founding artistic and business entrepreneurs continue their involvement with E&A by joining the Board of Directors, aiding in guiding and growing the organization, to help keep arts in the lives of children from birth on through their college years, and beyond – to those opting to turn artistic endeavors into their lifelong careers.

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